Tummy-Time =Epic Fail


Doctors and pediatricians encourage tummy time for babies because it strengths the muscles in the neck and makes holding the head up for baby much easier. With that said, I tried and tried, and TRIED to implement tummy time for each of my children, however, it failed. Every. Single. Time. Yup, it was an epic fail! And yes, I felt immense guilt each time it didn’t work out. My heart would sink every time I lay my precious babies on their tummy and they would just scream and cry in discomfort. The next day, I would give it another try… eventually I just gave up! But, you know what? It’s okay. It really is okay! Do you hear me? It’s completely okay if things don’t go as you plan! And guess what? With time, my babies did end up lifting their own heads, and the world didn’t end! They learned to crawl, walk, and run without delay, and are healthy and active children as we speak!

It is natural for parents and caregivers to stress out when things to go as plan with their babies, however knowing that certain milestones will take time is comforting. I wish someone had told me not to worry, that there was no rule that stated babies HAD to have tummy time, that tummy time is RECOMMENDED, not MANDATORY! So, please do not freak out and go crazy if your baby is not reaching certain milestones; and always check with your baby’s paedtrician to find out which milestones your baby should be hitting versus the milestones that are not as significant.
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