Hi, My Name Is Hafsah And I’m A Perfectionist


Hi, my name is Hafsah and I’m a perfectionist THIS is how my 6 year old should introduce herself! Before I go any further, just know that I love her, I really do. She’s super special and has the biggest heart. But, I’m not writing about her kindness today. Nope! Today, I will be discussing how she’s become THE ULTIMATE PERFECTIONIST!

My lovely daughter has to have everything put back into the exact place between a specific time frame. What does that mean exactly? Oh, I’ll tell you what that means: it means when we come back from an exhausting day of being outside all day, and my baby and toddler are crying because they are too tired to do anything else, Hafsah will want me to help her unzip her dress as soon as we step into the door. In fact, she tells me this when we are in the car driving home. Then, she has to have me hang the dress up in her closet right away (she can’t reach the closet bar yet). Oh, it doesn’t stop there! It has to be hung on the EXACT same hanger, in the EXACT same order it was before she put it on. Oh, by the way my other two kids are attached to each of my legs at this point (no joke!). After this, I quickly change the other two kids and then it’s time to brush their teeth. By this time, I just want the kids in bed, but of course my dear child has something else planned! She insists I floss her teeth. I try convincing her that it’s okay to skip a day, nothing will happen, every kid skips flossing their teeth once in a while! Well, guess what? Hafsah is not every other kid. She wants me to floss her teeth, and it can’t be just a few teeth I need to floss. Every. Single. Tooth. MUST. BE. FLOSSED…

And then there’s her home reading from school! I must sit right next to her and listen to her read every single word; which I don’t mind doing….However, this process gets lengthened when she misreads a word because that means she has to read from the top of the page again, EVEN if she reached the bottom of the page! And guess what happens when she reads a quote in her normal voice, but then at the end of the quote it says ‘she whispered’ or ‘she yelled’? Yup, you guessed it: now she has to read the entire page again, and this time she has to ‘whisper’ or ‘yell’ when reading that quote again…

Her perfectionist also comes into play when it comes to having the house clean. She dislikes mess and she will express that on a daily basis. In fact, it’s quite common for her to ask me when I will vacuum. My response is usually “perhaps I will after I’m done washing the dishes, after your brother’s bath, and after the laundry is folded…so, it looks like tomorrow.” I always expect and receive a not-so-happy-with-that-response- glare with her piercing eyes that scare me into vacuuming that very moment! Her obsession with cleanliness doesn’t stop there: she has to change her shirt as soon as it gets a stain, and will refuse to sit on a chair that has a crumb on it. Yes that’s right, everything has to be clean and organized, and PERFECT!

My daughters perfectionist is tough to handle at times, but I’m slowly learning to deal with it. But the question I have to ask myself is where does she get it from? THAT I don’t understand. Well, that was my post on my daughter’s perfectionism, I hope you all enjoyed it, now it’s time to edit, re-read, re-edit, possibly re-write this piece again….WHAT?! Oh, wait I see! You think my daughter gets her perfectionism from me? Yeah…I don’t think so… © Copyright The Muslimah Mommy (2014)
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