Eating After Baby’s Arrival


In most cases, it is likely that you will be too tired to cut up fruit or cook a meal, so make sure you have stocked your freezer with pre-cooked meals, and that you buy fruits and vegetables that are already cut up! This way, instead of going for that packaged cookie (like I did) you will go for the fruit and veggies that are ready to eat!

For breakfast, oatmeal is a great option, as are eggs! Eggs are quick and easy to make and also contain protein! Also, stock up on chicken; chicken is great when it’s grilled because you can eat it as is for lunch, or throw it into a quick salad for dinner! Plus, it makes for a great snack that will satisfy your hunger!

Some other options for snacks can include Greek yogurt, cheese, nuts, and whole wheat toast with a spread (such as hummus); all of these food items are not only healthy, but will also keep you fuller longer!
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