How I Dealt With My Baby’s Cradle Cap


My first-born had a severe case of cradle cap, in fact it got so bad she ended up getting bleeding scabs throughout her head. When I took my daughter to the doctor, he was speechless. He said he had never seen a case of cradle cap get this bad. My heart sunk. I felt like the WORST mother out there. I thought cradle cap was normal and that it would eventually disappear on its own. Sitting at the doctor’s office, all I could think to myself was ‘why did I let it get so bad?’

My doctor assured me it would get better, and he prescribed my daughter a hydrocortisone cream for treatment, and suggested I use Head & Shoulders shampoo on her. He also suggested that thoroughly drying her hair after her baths would help. Combing your baby’s hair often with a fine toothed comb is also essential, for it gently loosens and lifts the flakes! After trying all the above for a week, I began to notice improvement to her scalp, and her scabs began to heal!

With that said, I would suggest keeping a close eye on your baby’s scalp, drying your baby’s hair thoroughly after bath time, and using a fine tooth comb to loose the flakes. In most cases, if you take these steps mentioned, the cradles cap will eventually go away; however, some babies produce an excess amount of oil in their scalps making it more difficult for curing the cradle cap without the intervention of a doctor. Therefore, if you do feel your baby’s cradle cap is getting worse, then visiting a doctor would be best.
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7 thoughts on “How I Dealt With My Baby’s Cradle Cap

  1. Great Post on Seborrhoeic Dermatitis!
    Further to your post…
    Massaging baby oil or natural oil – such as almond or olive oil – into their scalp at night can help loosen the crust.

    It is also advised that you see a Doctor if your baby’s scalp becomes inflamed or if the cradle cap spreads to other parts of their body. A mild Steroid cream – such as Hydrocortisone, may also be recommended and prescribed by the Doctor for an inflamed rash.

    Also, it’s important not to pick at the scales as this may cause an infection.


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