Our Mistakes Are Our Lessons


Hafsah came home from school one day and told me something that left me speechless! She told me that her teacher had taught her grade one class that their mistakes were lessons in life. Instantly, I knew she was in good hands at school!

It amazes me how some teachers go above and beyond and educate their students on life, and not just lessons from a textbook. When I look back at my school years, the teachers that I remember the most are the ones that taught these life lessons to me! I learned that there are many ways to succeed in life outside the classroom, and that this type of success gives you the ultimate form of happiness!

With that said, grades are important for the obvious reasons, but equally important are learning about the concepts of not giving up, going for your dreams, and like Hafsah learned: learning from your mistakes! © The Muslimah Mommy (2014)
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