Finding Common Ground – with “The Muslimah Mommy”

Please check out my interview with sister Noora from More Than Hijab! More Than Hijab is blog that is written by sister Noora; it’s a great read that appeals to modern Muslimahs from around the world, please check it out and show Noora some love!

more than hijab

MashAllah again I have been blessed with the friendship of another strong Muslimah Sister – this time it’s Sumaira Zaheer, from Sister Sumaira didn’t start her blog that long ago, but since that time she has gained an international fan base and recognition from all walks of life. Her advice is contemporary, down to earth and realistic for modern Muslims trying to raise their children in an Islamic way. Her advice is particularly useful for those Muslims living in western countries, where the resources may be limited in an Islamic sense, or where most Islamic learning has to take place at home. She also provides tips on how to handle any conflicts which may arise whilst raising children in environments where they will be more exposed to other cultures and traditions. 

To top it off, she is also a beautiful person with an amazing creative style and a…

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