Hijabi Trends 101 Glamorous Headchain Review


I was so excited when I received my headchain from Hijabi Trends 101 for review and to wear on Eid. I have to say that I instantly fell in love with this – Masha’Allah, this headchain is very glamorous, elegant, and classic. Not only that, but this piece is high in quality; the gems are held in place by claws, not glue – this gives you peace of mind knowing that the gems are secure. I also love the fact that there are two pins on both sides of the headchain, which makes his piece perfect for hijabi’s.


One of the qualities that makes this headpiece perfect is the fact that the gems are clear, thus making it very easy to wear with almost any outfit. I thought this piece was perfect for Eid, but it’s also ideal if you are attending a party, a wedding, and even for a bride herself.

Furthermore, customer service is superb. Both the owners, Zaheera and Faheema, are incredibly friendly and professional.

I would HIGHLY recommend this stunning headpiece from Hijabi Trends 101. To purchase this headpiece, or see more of their selection, please follow Hijabi Trends 101 on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hijabi-Trends-101/237274223032387 AND check out their blog at
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