When You Look At her…

When you look at her…

You will see her pale pink chiffon skirt blowing in the breeze…her skirt happens to be the same colour as the rose her daughter gifted her – that same rose that sits by its lonely self on the countertop amongst the clutter of this universe – you know the one that is slowly dying…yes, that one.

You will notice her delicate hijab following in unison with her skirt – flying into the breeze and diving into the air along with the invisible particles the human eye is blind to…

You will take note of her wedding ring that has become too big for her frail fingers; you will also observe this round piece of metal slipping slowly off her fingers. Over the years, it has lost its shine, but not its beauty. In fact, the ring itself is more beautiful than ever…

But wait, please take a minute and look past this…what is it that you see now, may I ask with sincerity?

What’s that…you don’t know…or are you confused? Don’t worry…I was confused too at first. Let me guide you through this, just follow my words and you will reach who she really is…I promise…

Just look at her eyes…can you see it? I don’t know about you, but I see everything – her eyes are telling us the story of her childhood: how she was hurt by the actions of her loved ones. If you look closer into her eyes, you can see the ending of this story – how she was rescued by the words of Allah! I know, it’s a beautiful story isn’t it? Subhan’Allah!

Don’t walk away just yet, there’s more…

Did you notice her wrinkles around her storytelling eyes? These very same wrinkles are describing the hardships she has endured. Notice, they are not straight lines, yet they are curved. Yes, curved. Curved like her life – full of ups and downs, and not in a constant state of happiness nor sadness.

Take a glance beneath her eyes before you go.. do you see those circles of darkness? Yes those circles that emerged from nights of weeping her heart onto her pillow. I know, it is sad, isn’t it?….it breaks my heart too.

Now, you may go…what’s that? You don’t want to? Neither do I. So…we will just stand here and weep for her while the wind blows through her pale pink chiffon skirt….© The Muslimah Mommy (2014)

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