GLOW by Claudia Nour Review


I was intrigued when Claudia initially informed me of her halal mineral makeup line, and I jumped at the chance to do a review for her! Here is a description from her website:

‘GLOW by Claudia Nour is my new line of mineral makeup available for purchase…(It) is a line free of toxins, parabens, fragrances, bismuth, and any impermissible products. “Be confident that what is on your skin doesn’t go against what is in your heart”‘.

Before I show you the before and after pictures, you should know that I normally avoid face powders because I have dry, flaky, and sensitive skin. Putting face powder on my skin usually causes irritation and accentuates my flakes. However, I found GLOW by Claudia Nour to be moisturizing because of the vitamin e oil, and because this powder is fragrance free I did not get a negative reaction from it!

Below are my before and after pictures in different lighting settings. As you can see, the first column contains my before pictures, and you will notice some age spots (but I like to refer to them as freckles) and some uneven skin tone. However, the discolouration disappears with a light coat of the GLOW by Claudia Nour face powder in the colour ‘Ivory.’ Another plus is that a little bit of this powder goes a long way, and the more you put on the more intense the colour will become.


Please note, these photos have not been retouched nor have they been edited.

Furthermore, I noticed that this powder gives a natural finish and it did not leave my skin looking cakey at all. I left the face powder on all day in +25 degrees, and I was impressed as it did not budge or smudge!

I would definitely recommend GLOW by Claudia Nour, especially if you are attending an all ladies event or for date night with your hubby!

The lovely note that came with the package

The lovely note that came with the package

A list of different colours available. My colour was 'Ivory.'

A list of different colours available. My colour was ‘Ivory.’

To purchase this powder and more products from Claudia’s mineral makeup line, click on this link:

To learn more about GLOW by Claudia Nour, and to watch a makeup application with this product, please refer to the links below:

You can also find and follow-like-subscribe Claudia Nour here:

Instagram- @claudianour

As with all my reviews, I only express my honest and sincere opinion and no bias is applied.

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