Serene Gems Review


Serene Gems was kind enough to let me choose two items from their website for review. My first item that I chose was this gorgeous floral print scarf (below). I fell in love with the beautiful graphic design, and I adore the pink mixed in with the classical colours of black and white. This scarf has a very modern, yet vintage feel to it, which is completely my taste.


Not only are the colours and pattern stunning, but so is the feel to the scarf! The fabric is so soft and silky and just felt luxurious in my hands! I found it best to use a ninja under scarf to cover my neck and hair, and then to pin down the sides of the scarf, pin in the middle to connect both sides of the scarf, and then wrap the scarf around my neck – Simple, Quick, & Chic!

Next, I chose this ADORABLE gold heart pin with a hanging chain (below). As soon as I saw this cute heart pin on the website, I thought it represented the universal symbol of peace and love! You can use this pin on your hijab or even on a piece of clothing such as a blazer or sweater. I can see myself wearing this or gifting this pin so someone special!


As for customer service, I thought it was excellent! The items were shipped out quickly and I was rather surprised at how quick I received them! The products were neatly packaged and in perfect condition.

Be sure to check out the Serene Gems website – “Fashionable jewellery and scarves at affordable prices. Find all your hijab and jewellery needs at Serene Gems”, and their social media accounts to stay updated on their latest products!

Instagram: @serenegems

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