Why I Write

imageI WRITE…
Because I have a story to tell
A true story of who I’am
A story that is constantly changing
A story that is real
A story that you might see and relate to
A story that makes you realize, you too, are like me
A story that may make you smile
A story that may get you thinking

Because I have to
This is how I express myself
This is how I release who I’am to the world
This is the one thing that keeps me sane
This is how I convey my message to you
This is my passion

Because I have a craving to inspire
I have a need to motivate
I have a desire to spread peace
I desperately want to see a better world
I want to paint this world in kindness with my words

Because my words are destined to reach the eyes of someone else
This someone else that is hurting, that is tired of crying, that feels like a failure
This someone who is a replica of who I was
This someone who needs to know that it is going to be okay
Because I’am okay.

Because I want my children to read my journey
I want my children to see their childhood within my writing
I want my children to know what life was through my words
I want my children to know I had a passion and I wasn’t afraid to share it with the world
I want my children to know they taught me more than I could ever teach them

I would like to thank Faaiza, from http://www.ModestMunchies.com, for tagging me in the ‘Why I Write’ challenge. Please check out her wonderful blog and her post on why she writes, http://modestmunchies.com/write/ . Above, you have read why I write, and down below are some of the questions I had to answer for this post:

What am I working on?
I’am currently in the process of adding more posts to my blog; in particular, I will be adding more of my non-fiction parenting stories, as there is a high demand for those posts. Furthermore, I’am working towards networking with some fantastic women and joining some wonderful organizations- stay tuned!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
My writing is about my unique experiences as a parent. Although many individuals may have gone through a similar experience as I have, there is no one person out there has gone through what I have in the exact same way.

How does your writing process work?
As soon as I get an idea for a post, I need to write it down. Currently, I have dozens of ideas written down…so I really need to find the time to transform those ideas into actual blog posts!

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your day!

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6 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Yes!! Me too! Something usually inspires me and I can hear the words in my mind of what will be written. I usually harbor it, thinking about it as I was the dishes or cook dinner until it manifests into a complete body of work. I then write it in my journal until I am ready to type it, where I will continue to modify it. I enjoyed your poem! Great work!

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