10 Online Islamic Shops For Children


Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu,

I have been asked by many Muslim parents to compile a list of online Islamic shops that sell items for children. Alhumdulillah, I do have a few of these shops following me on Instagram, and I thought it would be beneficial for me to list them for you here! Please visit these shops, most (if not all) sell worldwide and carry Islamic toys, puzzles, books, prayer mats, and much more- Masha’Allah!

Ibraheem Toy House www.ibraheemtoyhouse.com


READ Little Muslims www.READLittleMuslims.com


By Umm Waliyya www.byummwaliyya.com


Noor Kids http://www.noorkids.com


Future Ummah www.futureummah.se


Dr. Bashi www.drbashi.com


Taqwa Media http://www.taqwamedia.com/taqwa-kids/


Fitra Shop http://www.fitrashop.ca (soon to be http://www.Zozi.se)


Happy Prayer Place  https://www.facebook.com/happyprayerplace (Website is under construction)


Eastern Toy Box http://www.easterntoybox.com


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7 thoughts on “10 Online Islamic Shops For Children

  1. This is fantastic, thank-you! I have a baby daughter and frequently think about how I will encourage her to be more interested and engaged with her faith as soon as she can read/play. I’ve pinned so many links from the above!

    • My pleasure! I’m so happy to hear you had good experiences with both companies, I have only heard good things about both of these organizations as well. All of the companies mentioned were recommendations from my Instagram followers, so I know they are all wonderful 🙂

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