Faatimah & Ahmed: We’re Little Muslims – Book Review

Alhumdulillah, I received a copy of the book, ‘Faatimah & Ahmed: We’re Little Muslims’ for review. This book is written by Razeena Gutta and is illustrated by Abira Das; this is how the book looks like:


On the back cover, the description reads:

“Faatimah and Ahmed love being Little Muslims. Today was Ahmed’s first day of school and he has learnt some very important things about Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Join them, as Ahmed tells Faatimah a special story about when Muhammad (SAW) was born, and explains to her how important Muhammad (SAW) is to Muslims.”

When I first opened the book to read to my children, ages 2 1/2, 4, and 7 years old, their eyes immediately lit up in amazement. On the first page of the book, Faatimah and Ahmed are sitting on a tree swing, and on the second page they are praying Salaah! All of my children got excited instantly, and could relate to the Muslim characters right away. Furthermore, the illustrations in this book are bright and colourful, making it a perfect book for the recommended age group of 2-6 year olds.

The book starts off with “Assalaamu Alaikum…” which is a beautiful way to start off an Islamic children’s book, followed by an introduction of both of the main characters- 4 year old Faatimah and her 6 year old brother Ahmed.

The first message of the book is about siblings helping each other out, and the second message is about developing a love and interest for school- both are excellent messages for young children!

Next, the characters discuss the importance of the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him). The information given about the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) is brilliantly conveyed with simplicity, and is an excellent way to introduce children to Islam.

Discussed in the book are important facts, such as the family of the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him), the birth place of the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him), and his date of birth. Also mentioned are the Islamic months, which I thought was a great addition to the story.

Not only is the history of the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) reviewed, but the attributes of the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) are also discussed.

The book finishes off with Ahmed expressing his interest and love for the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him), and with Faatimah eagerly wanting to learn more about the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him). The characters interest creates genuine interest in the hearts and minds of the young readers- may the author of this book be rewarded for that!

Yes, this book has a glossary! Masha’Allah, I was impressed with the fact that the author included a glossary that was easy to read and follow. The glossary is appropriately one page long, simple to read, and goes over the important Islamic terms mentioned throughout the book.

Both the illustrations and content of this book were beautifully merged to create a great Islamic book. Overall, I was impressed with how the author conveyed the message of Islam, as well as the history and characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) without being too complex for the minds of young children.

To purchase this book, please click on the link below:

May Allah reward everyone that was involved with the creation and development of this book, Ameen!

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