Review- Fatima Zahra Prints


The Story Behind My Fatima Zahra Print:

The story behind this print is a beautiful one: One day I was checking out Fatima Zahra Prints’ Instagram page and saw this print (pictured above) in a post; I gave the post a ‘like,’ for this quote reminds me to go to bed, and to wake up every day with a clean and pure heart. Shortly after I ‘liked’ the post, I received a beautiful message from the sister behind Fatima Zahra Prints. Masha’Allah, I was so deeply touched by her words, and with her story of why she started making and selling prints- which is because she had gone through many difficult times in her life, and it was quotes like these that made her feel close to Allah and that strengthened her Imaan, Subhan’Allah. Now, she shares these beautiful quotes with others in hopes of helping them through their difficult times Masha’Allah! I know, so beautiful right?! I also want to mention that she did not send me this print for a review, but as a gift to share it with me and my family. I’m doing a review anyways though because I think it deserves one! Thank so much to sister Fatima from Fatima Zahra Prints, it’s always a pleasure to come across such genuine and beautiful souls, may Allah bless you and your family always!


One of the things that drew me to Fatima Zahra Prints is how clean, modern, and classic her pieces are. All of her items in her Etsy shop are the classic black and white colour combination, thus allowing her items to fit into any home decor. Fatima’s prints can be put into any colour of frame, such as gold, silver, black, or a bold colour like red or yellow!

I struggled with where to put my frame, as I thought it would fit I to every place of my home. Initially, I wanted to place my print in a gold frame and put it in my bedroom, where I have a vintage rustic feel. However, I decided to place it in a black frame for a modern feel, and display it in my kitchen, so everyone in my family could see it on a daily basis.

I love how the print came on quality paper, it was more similar to the material used for a greeting card. Furthermore, the font of the writing on the print is so beautifully done!


The back of the print

The back of the print


Check out Fatima Zahra Prints’ Etsy shop for beautiful items such as hoodies, prints, and handbags:

Don’t forget to follow Fatima Zahra Prints on Instagram as well:

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