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I recently had the opportunity to speak with the owner and CEO of IlmKidsPlace, and I must say her enthusiasm over her products is truly inspiring! Masha’Allah the sister behind this great company truly believes her items will provide a fun and creative way to get children excited about learning Islamic topics and terms- and I completely agree with her! Here’s a slideshow of my daughter checking out the kit:

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Below is my review of an IlmKidsPlace Kit- a box filled with different activities sutiable for children between the ages of 3 to 13 years old.


The kit I received came with several activities and related Quranic verses and Hadiths; it was divided into four parts: Creative Ilm, Ilm bites, Ilm Travels, and Collect and Share Ilm.

Creative Ilm consists of a ‘Know Allah- Collage,’ ‘Remember Allah- Dua Cards’, and a ‘Thank Allah- Gratitude Box.’ I absolutley loved how within this one section there was a hands on project with the collage that teached children about the 99 names of Allah, in addtion to Dua cards with both english and arabic writing that were used for a scavenger hunt- how creative! My daughter really loved the concept of the gratitude box as well, where the children write what they are grateful for and put it in the box; the kit comes with everything you need including the box that your children can colour and decorate!

Ilm Bites is a card that has a recipe on it; ours had the recipe for Ayam Satay (chicken skewers) on it- which is a recipe from Malaysia! Masha’Allah, I thought this was a creative way to educate children about the different cultures of Muslims from around the world. My daughter LOVES cooking, so she thought this was fantastic!

Ilm Travels was a component of the kit that discussed a country where the population is made up of mostly Muslims. In our kit, we received a card that went over key facts about Malaysia, such facts included popluation number, major languages, currency, clothing, and much more! My daughter and I had fun looking at the images on the card and reading the facts togther- we BOTH learned a lot! Also included was a map and a little Malaysian flag where children can pin the flag onto the map.

Collect and Share Ilm included an iron on patch, country stickers, and “Ilm Chat” cards. I found the Ilm Chat cards to be something my children could use on a daily basis for reflection. For example, the cards ask certain Islamic questions such as, “what is one of your favorite blessings from Allah?” and “mention something that makes you remember Allah.”

Final Thoughts:

I thought everything about this kit was well constructed, from the packaging to the individual activities. Furthermore, each activity has a significant purpose when it comes to educating your children about Islam.

I was observing my daughter while she explored the kit on her own, and I noticed how she loved the pictures and the bright colours of all the cards that were included; she was truly engaged with each activity! It was beautiful to see her eyes light up with excitement, and at the end of her exploration she had learned so much! Another aspect of the kit that I was fond of was the fact that you could use some of the activities on a daily basis, for example the ‘Ilm Chat’ cards and the ‘Gratitude Box.’

Masha’Allah, I was impressed with the thought and the creativity that went into this educational Islamic Kit, as well as the quality of the materials included! I would highly recommend the IlmKidsPlace kit for any child!

Ilm Kids Story: “IlmKidsPlace is a du’a come true. Our foundation is built out of passion for encouraging lifelong learners. We design fun, hands on activities that help nurture curiosity and creativity in children. IlmKidsPlace wanted to simplify the process for parents and educators so that they can spend quality time exploring and learning. Our dedicated team hopes to bring delight in every box. We feel privileged to be given the opportunity from Allah to put a share in enriching the Ummah.”

Why Ilm Kids?: “At IlmKidsPlace we believe that learning and growing happens all the time, whether in the kitchen, at the playground or on a trip. We emphasize learning Islam with fun and creative hands-on activities that build a lifelong love for seeking knowledge.
Our child development advisers review our activities to ensure they are appealing, enriching and authentic according to Quran and Sunnah.”

“Each IlmKidsPlace kit includes fun interactive activities, and necessary material
Main topic card that summarizes whats inside”

List of Quranic verses and Hadith related to the topic

3 activity cards and neccessary material that allow for a fun engaging experience

1 travel card that will have children learn about a new culture and country in primarily the Islamic world.

1 recipe card that helps to share the joy of cooking a new cuisine with a child.

IlmChat cards that are easy to take on the go to help make sure the information learned is reinforced .

1 iron on patch associated to the topic thats fun to collect

Country stickers to share and enjoy.”

(information and facts taken from


To keep up with the latest news and items from IlmKidsPlace and to purchase a IlmKidsPlace kit, please check out the IlmKidsPlace website! And don’t forget to follow them on social media!


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