Joint Giveaway With Little Wings Gallery and Read Little Muslims


I’m so excited to announce my next joint giveaway with and @readlittlemuslims on Instagram!

Masha’Allah both Litle Wings Gallery and READ Little Muslims have been very generous by gifting some of their wonderful items to one @themuslimahmommy follower on Instagram.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a copy of the super cute book, Faatimah & Ahmed- We’re Little Muslims, from READ Little Muslims, and two adorable matching A4 size Art Prints (pictured) from Little Wings Gallery.

To enter the giveaway:

-You MUST be following, @readlittlemuslims, and @themuslimahmommy on Instagram
-Repost the giveaway image and tag @themuslimahmommy and use the hashtag #TMMRainbowGiveaway
-That’s it! I know, so easy right?

The winner will be chosen on Tuesday Insha’Allah!

Please check out and show your support for READ Muslims and Little Wings Gallery:
READ Little Muslims:
Little Wings Gallery:

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