Hijabila Hijab Review


As soon as I saw my package from Hijabila in the mail, I instantly fell in love! I mean, how could I not with this super cute packaging!


I was impressed with how much thought, detail, and effort went into the entire package; especially the adorable pink bow! What was inside the package left me equally excited…


The red and black plaid hijab is a chiffon like material that flows beautifully, and is wide enough to provide you with lots of coverage. You can easily wear this with an elegant dress and gold jeweIry, or you can wear it casually like I did in the picture below. I really love how light and airy this material is, I almost forgot I was wearing it at one point!


The second hijab I received was a pretty pink and white floral hijab. This hijab came in a thicker material; and what’s interesting is that I don’t have a hijab like this at all! Yes, that’s right- I have DOZENS of hijabs, but I don’t have one like this!


My first impression of this material was that it was high quality, then I started to think that it may not be comfortable to wear…until I put it on…

No joke, this hijab stayed put and did not budge at all! Furthermore, it felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on, and it draped effortlessly in all the right places! I was extremely impressed! Because this hijab is a bit thicker in material, you can wear it during the colder days, perhaps when it’s cloudy or windy.

Both of the hijabs I received came in prints that are classic and timeless, as both the plaid and floral designs have been around for decades and will never go out of style. Not only are these hijabs absolutely gorgeous, but they are high quality, and we all want high quality hijabs that will last- at least I do!

Lastly, the adorable package came with these super cute rose hijab pins- something my daughter and I can both enjoy. I love how these pins came in two sets- a light coloured set and dark coloured set.


I also have to mention that the customer service was fantastic, the sisters were so friendly and a pleasure to work with!


Please do check out the Hijabila website, http://hijabila.com/, to see their entire collection of beautiful and elegant hijabs and hijab pins- they ship WORLDWIDE with a flat rate of $8!

Hijabila- “It’s really about you. We are here because of you.”

Don’t forget to follow Hijabila on social media as well, so you can stay up to date with the latest products!

Website: http://hijabila.com/

Blog: http://hijabila.com/blog/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hijabila

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hijabila

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10 thoughts on “Hijabila Hijab Review

  1. Ma’sha’Allah! The hijabs are so beautiful! I especially love the pink flowered one; you look really beautiful in it Ma’shaAllah! <3.

    Maybe you could do a hijab tutorial next time!? I'll really look forward to that! 🙂

    • Thank you so much sis! I just wrapped it around my head like you would any hijab, I didn’t really do anything specil. Perhaps this hijab is quite large and has more coverage, and that’s why it looks a bit different 🙂

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