DIY Natural Face Scrub


Due to my dry and sensitive skin, I find that almost all store bought face scrubs cause my skin some degree of irritation…and the products that don’t cause irritation don’t work effectively. However, after experimenting with natural ingredients found right in my pantry, I have found the perfect two ingredient DIY face scrub that works for me!

The face scrub that I use consists of one teaspoon of OLIVE OIL and a pinch of SUGAR. I find that the sugar gently removes my flakes while the olive oil is soothing and adds moisture to my skin. I mix the two ingredients in the palm of my hand and apply this scrub to my face with my fingertips. I gently scrub my face in a circular motion, concentrating on my dry patches. Because the under eye area is sensitive, I avoid using sugar under my eyes, and instead I tap on just the olive oil. I leave this mixture on my face for 5-10 minutes before rinsing my face with water and some cleanser.

After this at home face treatment, you will notice that your dry patches disappear, and you will have glowy soft skin that radiates!

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