My (Un) Planned Pregnancy Pt.1


When I first found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was in shock! My husband and I were not ready to become parents at all, for we were still in the process of pursuing our own goals and dreams. While my husband was trying to find a steady career he was passionate about, I was a college student with half of my degree yet to complete…we were both in trouble! My troubles didn’t stop there: my husband and I were living with my parents in a house with 10 other people including my 5 sisters, my brother and his wife along with their son, and oh yeah, she was also expecting her second child! In a house full of people and in a body full of stress, I PANICKED! This was not a part of our plan- we were supposed to be full-time working people, and moved into our own house before even thinking about having children!!! Continue reading

That Second Pregnancy Guilt


When I was pregnant with my second child, I had extreme guilt – I couldn’t help it but feel guilty for not spending enough time with my first child, for I was on bed rest for 7 weeks due to unexpected complications. I felt guilty just thinking about leaving my first-born at my mom’s house for a couple of days so I could have my baby at the hospital. I felt guilty, for I knew I would have to pay more attention to the newborn baby than my first child. I just felt guilty. Continue reading

A+ In Effort, Attitude, & Behaviour

I recently had the exciting opportunity to write for Gaya magazine in the’Inspire’ section – one of my favorite sections! The Gaya ‘Inspire’ section is a place where you will find articles written by strong women who have a positive message to convey. And of course, like the title of this category suggests, it’s a place where you will find inspiration!

With that said, the topic of my article is about how we can create a positive environment when reviewing grades with our children. Furthermore, I discuss how we need to make an effort in finding our children’s strengths both in and out of school.

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Why I Refuse To Discuss My Child’s Grades


With this school year coming to an end, I’am reminding parents not to focus too much on their children’s end of the year results. Yes, you may be proud of the fact that your children got straight-A’s, or you might be upset that they got all C’s, but please don’t let their grades define who your children really are. After all, in my opinion, grades (although important) are a small part of their identity. Continue reading

The Exhausting Role Of A Parent


Being a parent can be quite exhausting at times. For instance, I remember the days when my oldest daughter was a newborn, and she would cry for hours and hours throughout the night. Later on, we would find out that every time I either nursed her, or gave her formula it was burning her stomach- yes, she was lactose intolerant and I didn’t find out a month later despite making numerous trips to the doctor’s office.

I was also drained of my energy during the days and nights I would rock my then 14 month old son in his infant rocker when he was suffering from separation anxiety disorder. Even today, I find myself completely fatigued physically while trying to accomplish the daily tasks of a parent: preparing meals and snacks throughout the day, getting the housework done, running back and forth to the washroom when potty training your child, going grocery shopping with three small children, etc. Continue reading

Toddler Talk – “I’m afraid of grandmas because they might eat me for a snack.”


My three year old, Madina, has always been a very friendly, outgoing, and quirky child! Below are just some of the funny things she has said!

A few months ago, Madina fell down and got a huge bump on her lip! Through her tears, she asked if I could take her to see the doctor’s and if I could give her medicine right away. I told her that I would take her to the doctor’s if the swelling on her lip didn’t go down, and for now we would just put ice on her lips. A few hours later, she was feeling much better, and requested to go to the library. I agreed to take her and instructed her to put her shoes on. She then asked, “mama, can I take my bump with me?” Yes, she was referring to the bump on her lip! Continue reading

I’m So Awesome That…I Have A Stalker!


I’m so awesome that I have a stalker! This stalker follows me everywhere, and doesn’t leave my side. He knows where I’am at every time of day, and to say that he is obsessed with me would be an understatement. And guess what? I wouldn’t have it any other way because this stalker is my very own handsome baby boy!

Now, some people might accuse my son of being too ‘attached’ and ‘clingy,’ but these people don’t realize that this behaviour has nothing to do with him; and that it has everything to do with me and my AWESOMENESS! Continue reading

I Lied To My Therapist – Postpartum Depression & The Baby Blues


As I held my newborn daughter in my arms, I realized my life was exactly as I envisioned it to be – it was perfect! I was healthy, I had a supportive husband, amazing family and friends, living in a beautiful home, and a promising career ahead of me. But most importantly, I had just given my 4 year old daughter a healthy baby sister. In other words, you can say that I was living in a moment of content. A very short moment. I’m not sure when it all happened, but it seemed like things changed instantly- and drastically.

The symptoms:
Suddenly, I had lost my appetite and this led to me starving myself for days. The only way I could fall asleep was by crying. In fact, I cried so much every night that my pillow became drenched in tears and my depressed eyes became swollen. Then, there was that urge to run away from everything and everyone; I just needed to escape from this world that I was drowning in. The thought of killing myself was a constant. The worst part was the immense guilt I felt for feeling this way. How dare I feel this way?! I had everything I ever wanted in life, that most people only dream of having! I had a family to take care of; it was selfish for me to leave them when they needed me! But, despite convincing myself that I had it all, I still felt as if I had nothing. I just couldn’t fight this void feeling; however, I did try to conceal it. I put a huge amount of effort into hiding these feelings from my friends and family, and even my husband. In front of them, I had to remind myself to slap on a fake smile, afterall, I didn’t want to be judged. It was bad enough I was judging myself, I didn’t need another person informing me that it was selfish to feel this way. Continue reading

Hi, My Name Is Hafsah And I’m A Perfectionist


Hi, my name is Hafsah and I’m a perfectionist THIS is how my 6 year old should introduce herself! Before I go any further, just know that I love her, I really do. She’s super special and has the biggest heart. But, I’m not writing about her kindness today. Nope! Today, I will be discussing how she’s become THE ULTIMATE PERFECTIONIST!

My lovely daughter has to have everything put back into the exact place between a specific time frame. What does that mean exactly? Oh, I’ll tell you what that means: it means when we come back from an exhausting day of being outside all day, and my baby and toddler are crying because they are too tired to do anything else, Hafsah will want me to help her unzip her dress as soon as we step into the door. In fact, she tells me this when we are in the car driving home. Then, she has to have me hang the dress up in her closet right away (she can’t reach the closet bar yet). Oh, it doesn’t stop there! It has to be hung on the EXACT same hanger, in the EXACT same order it was before she put it on. Oh, by the way my other two kids are attached to each of my legs at this point (no joke!). After this, I quickly change the other two kids and then it’s time to brush their teeth. By this time, I just want the kids in bed, but of course my dear child has something else planned! She insists I floss her teeth. I try convincing her that it’s okay to skip a day, nothing will happen, every kid skips flossing their teeth once in a while! Well, guess what? Hafsah is not every other kid. She wants me to floss her teeth, and it can’t be just a few teeth I need to floss. Every. Single. Tooth. MUST. BE. FLOSSED… Continue reading


I have been a stay-at-home-mom for a little over three years now, and I have to say that I’m starting to miss my work life. Of course there are days where its raining outside or there’s a snowstorm warning, and I think to myself, “thank goodness I don’t have to leave the house to go to work,” but then there are days where the kids are having tantrums day and night, and I think to myself “I would love to be at work by MYSELF in peace right now!” There are both negatives and positives to being a stay-at-home-parent, just like there are positives and negatives when working outside the home. But, can you imagine if working outside the home was more like being a stay-at-home-parent? Here’s how I imagine it to be:

You are in the middle of presenting an idea in a staff meeting, and everything is going smoothly. In fact, you are convinced you are doing a fantastic job, as everyone present is smiling and nodding. Suddenly, a co-worker speaks up and says, ” I don’t get it? What does that mean?” You do your best to explain. It’s obviously not good enough; now your co-worker is saying that does not make sense. You put your explanation into other words. Nope, not good enough still. “But whhhyyyy?! Why is it like that? Why does it HAVE to be like that?” your co-worker screams. You react by shouting back “I DONT KNOW WHY OKAY, JUST BECAUSE! BECAUSE I SAID SO, THATS WHY!” You gather your papers, and then slowly exit the room… Continue reading