Ibraheem Toy House- Guest Post

Check out my article on how to encourage children to love the Quran over at Ibraheem Toy House: http://ibraheemtoyhouse.com/blog/2015/02/09/encouraging-your-children-to-love-the-quran-by-the-muslimah-mommy/

Ibraheem Toy House is the UK’s first online Islamic toy store; their mission Continue reading


Conventional Muslimah Podcast

Bismillah! I’m about to go on a new adventure with a group of fabulous Muslimahs! I will be joining Conventional Muslimah, a podcast show that consists of sisters who will discuss certain topics each month and share their experiences, tips, and advice!

Our first episode aired today; we talked about how we met our spouses, and what our fears were going into our marriages. Join us for the first three Saturdays of every month at 8:00 AM eastern time, to hear what our thoughts and opinions are on certain topics.

Here’s some information on February’s topic:

Links to the first show:

Conventional Muslimah Website:


Google+ (For those who cannot access YouTube):

Building Your Child’s Self Worth


As a parent, I feel it is vital to build up your children’s self worth, for it is self worth that will allow children to prosper in life. Furthermore, children with a positive self worth are more likely to recognize when someone is threatening their true value as an individual. With that said, here are some tips on how you can build up your child’s self worth: Continue reading

Productive Muslimah – Productive Mommy Series

I’m honoured and humbled to announce that my first article in my ‘Productive Mommy Series’ for ProductiveMuslimah has been published over at www.ProductiveMuslim.com.

I often turn to Productive Muslim for advice and tips on how to become a better Muslimah, so it truly is a privilege to be asked to write for this amazing website, Alhumdulillah! 

You can read part 1 of the series here:

How To Raise A Righteous Child


Here is my article I wrote for Muslimmoms.ca on ‘How To Raise A Righteous Child’

“By Sumaira Zaheer

Subhan’Allah, as Muslims, we recite the Adhan into the ears of our children as soon as they are born so that the first words they hear are those of Islam. As our children grow up, it is our duty to educate our children about Islam; but we must do so with so with love and kindness. Our goal should be to teach our children about our religion, in a loving matter, and in a way that will create righteous children. Furthermore, our objective should be to show our children that Islam has all the answers, and within Islam you will find peace. The following are five key tips to keep in mind when bringing up our children as righteous Muslims. Continue reading

A+ In Effort, Attitude, & Behaviour

I recently had the exciting opportunity to write for Gaya magazine in the’Inspire’ section – one of my favorite sections! The Gaya ‘Inspire’ section is a place where you will find articles written by strong women who have a positive message to convey. And of course, like the title of this category suggests, it’s a place where you will find inspiration!

With that said, the topic of my article is about how we can create a positive environment when reviewing grades with our children. Furthermore, I discuss how we need to make an effort in finding our children’s strengths both in and out of school.

You can download your free issue of Gaya magazine for free at http://gayamagazine.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/gaya-8.pdf