Building Your Child’s Self Worth


As a parent, I feel it is vital to build up your children’s self worth, for it is self worth that will allow children to prosper in life. Furthermore, children with a positive self worth are more likely to recognize when someone is threatening their true value as an individual. With that said, here are some tips on how you can build up your child’s self worth: Continue reading


10 Kid Friendly Recipes

Have you ever searched for a recipe on Pinterest, only to find that it tasted awful? If the answer is yes, you are not alone! Last year, I attempted to make banana pancakes, a recipe I had pinned…what a disaster! Not only did the banana pancakes fall apart in the pan, but they tasted raw and burnt at the same time. I’m that type of mom that is always looking for fast, easy, and healthy recipes for my children, but after making these bananas pancakes, I was a bit discouraged to try another pinned recipe.

Therefore, instead of turning to Pinterest this time, I have turned to some of my blogger friends in hopes of finding kid friendly recipes- the best part is that all of these recipes have been made by my friends and have the approval of their children! Continue reading

Parent Wars! (Plus, tips on how to avoid getting into one)

What’s a PARENT WAR?
Too often, I see parents criticizing each other on social media; so much so, that it breaks my heart! Will you believe that there are actually parent wars out there? There are- I’ve witnessed them! It’s like one group of people are trying so hard to convince others that their method of parenting, or their choices in life, are the RIGHT ones…I know, it’s quite sad. Why do we have to convince others of the choices we’ve made in life when it’s a decision that is benefiting our families and not others?

Examples of PARENT WARS Continue reading

Organizing Your Child’s Closet


With back to school season starting here in Canada, I’m finding myself running around trying to get things done all the while trying to stay organized….and it’s proving to be quite the difficult task with three young kids around me. Nonetheless, I have managed to get some things checked off my ever growing list; one of those tasks being to organize my daughter’s closet.

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