Homemade Slime and Cloud Dough


Last weekend was a cold one, so we decided to stay indoors and have some fun with a couple of homemade fun recipes! Continue reading


20+ Gift Ideas For Toddlers

It is very important for toddlers to engage in sensory play- they should be able to feel different textures, see a variety of colours and shapes, etc. Toddlers are also interested in role play- playing house, dressing up, acting like a doctor, teacher, firefighter, etc. Keeping these in mind, I have gathered a list of toddler friendly gifts for all price ranges: Continue reading

10 Tips On How To Wean Your Baby From Breastfeeding

Weaning your baby from breastfeeding can be difficult for some women. Here are 10 tips you should keep in mind when starting the weaning process: Continue reading

Oh, Those Terrible Two’s!


As a parent of more than one child, I can truly say that every child is different. For instance, both of my daughters started their tantrums at different ages, and for very different reasons.
Before I get into the details of when and why my children started their tantrums, and how I dealt with those tantrums, it is important to keep in mind these three key points : Continue reading

Potty Training And…Constipation!


They say no two children are the same, and after having three children, I can say that I completely agree with that! For instance, when it came to potty training, Hafsah was fully trained at the age of two, and we went through the usual process with her that consisted of no pull-ups, putting her on the toilet every two hours, etc. Madina, on the other hand, wasn’t potty trained until the age of three! You would think that because she is my second child, and that she has Hafsah as a role model, she would be potty trained quicker…..nope! We had some issues with Madina that we never experienced with Hafsah, and this delayed things by a full year! Continue reading

My Potty Training Tips


To get started, you may want to get your children familiar with the concept of potty training by reading them a book about potty training. This way, they know what to expect, and they will know that this is the next phase in their lives. Try selecting a
book that has illustrations of a child going to the potty, this way they will have a visual reference. Continue reading

How To Say “No” To Your Children


How to say “no” to your child involves avoiding the word ‘no’. Confused? I’ll explain: saying “no” to others makes it appear as if you are against them; as if you are stopping them just because YOU want them to stop, and not because it is best for THEM. The word ‘no’ itself sounds aggressive and doesn’t justify anything. Instead, make your children aware of the consequences of the behaviour you don’t approve of, for example, “Madina, please don’t throw the blocks at your brother, the blocks are hurting him and making him cry. How about we go over to your brother and see if he’s okay, and then the two of you can play with the blocks together.” Continue reading