Joint Giveaway With Little Wings Gallery and Read Little Muslims


I’m so excited to announce my next joint giveaway with and @readlittlemuslims on Instagram!

Masha’Allah both Litle Wings Gallery and READ Little Muslims have been very generous by gifting some of their wonderful items to one @themuslimahmommy follower on Instagram.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a copy of the super cute book, Faatimah & Ahmed- We’re Little Muslims, from READ Little Muslims, and two adorable matching A4 size Art Prints (pictured) from Little Wings Gallery.

To enter the giveaway: Continue reading

Eid Giveaway with Hafsa Creates – Eid Card Making Kit


Exciting Joint Giveaway with Hafsa Creates for Canada and U.S followers on Instagram! The winner will win this adorable Eid card making kit that includes 5 blank cards, 5 envelopes, pretty ribbon, ‘Eid Mubaruk’ tags, and over 30 shapes, stickers, and cut outs! Here are the rules for entering this giveaway:
1. You must be following both @themuslimahmommy and @hafsacreates
2. Share THIS giveaway picture and tag both of us using the tag button on Instagram.

Eid Al- Adha Giveaway


I’am excited to announce my joint Eid giveaway with Lulirana, a shop that sells custom art prints and posters. One winner will win this beautiful Eid card with a complimentary floral art print, and the prize will be delivered via mail right to your door! This is an international giveaway, and therefore everyone is free to participate. To enter the giveaway, follow the steps below: Continue reading

And This Is Why I Don’t Homeschool My Child…


The other day, my oldest daughter, Hafsah, requested that I trim her nails for her, as her nails were getting quite long. I happily agreed and started searching for the nail cutter in the washroom. I checked the usual spot – in the drawer…nope, not there. I checked the other drawer…nope, not there either. Suddenly, Hafsah started bawling her eyes out, and through her tears she cried, “You don’t like the way I organize things!” Ummm…ohhhkaaaay? I was confused. “I organized the washroom for you, but you can’t find the nail cutter now; which means you don’t like the way I organize things, NOW I’m never going to organize anything ever again!” Hafsah exclaimed. ‘AND THIS IS WHY I DON’T HOMESCHOOL MY CHILD!’ I thought to myself. Then, my son Idrees started crying because he wanted me to wipe the snot from his nose. Next in line to cry was my daughter Madina…because she wanted some attention. ‘AND THIS IS ANOTHER REASON WHY I DON’T HOMESCHOOL MY CHILD’I thought to myself once again. Continue reading

Joint Giveaway With HafsaCreates



Giveaway! The prize will be this beautiful Eid card that HafsaCreates has designed! The PDF link will be sent to you for free and you can print this card from home!

To enter, you must follow BOTH @hafsacreates and @themuslimahmommy on Instagram and tag 2 people under the giveaway picture! The winner will be announced at the end of the week!

You can also purchase handmade cards from HafsahCreates Etsy shop: She has an array of cards for every occasion! Please check out and support this awesome sister!

“HafsaCreates is one stop shop for handmade greeting cards, card making kits for kids, and custom gifts.”

Joint Giveaway with Jen Rayan Designs



Jen_Rayan_Designs and I have teamed up for an international giveaway on Instagram! If you have Instagram, then please follow BOTH @jen_rayan_designs & @themuslimahmommy, tag two users under the giveaway picture, and comment ‘DONE.’ The winner will be randomly selected and will receive 3 baby studded baby diaper shirts!

You can also purchase beautiful Kaftans from Jen Rayan Designs at: Worldwide shipping is available! Please support and check out her beautiful designs!

“Jen Rayan Designs has been established in the UK for several years producing limited edition designer Khaleeji abayas, kaftans, baby items and hijabs. We enjoy global success and regularly design for boutiques and individuals around the world.”