Let’s Talk About…TEETHING!

There are so many teething products out there, such as teething necklaces, gels, toys, etc. Some natural ways to help ease the pain of teething are to give your baby frozen wash cloths or teething toys to chew on; the idea here is to allow the frozen items numb the pain. This is the method I used for my oldest daughter, and it seemed to work! For my second daughter, I used Camilia homeopathic teething drops; they were so effective I alway made sure I had a good stock in my medicine cabinet and in my diaper bag. In between these drops, my daughter was creative, and put anything and everything in her mouth – yes, even her shoes and her rocker! Continue reading

And This Is Why I Don’t Homeschool My Child…


The other day, my oldest daughter, Hafsah, requested that I trim her nails for her, as her nails were getting quite long. I happily agreed and started searching for the nail cutter in the washroom. I checked the usual spot – in the drawer…nope, not there. I checked the other drawer…nope, not there either. Suddenly, Hafsah started bawling her eyes out, and through her tears she cried, “You don’t like the way I organize things!” Ummm…ohhhkaaaay? I was confused. “I organized the washroom for you, but you can’t find the nail cutter now; which means you don’t like the way I organize things, NOW I’m never going to organize anything ever again!” Hafsah exclaimed. ‘AND THIS IS WHY I DON’T HOMESCHOOL MY CHILD!’ I thought to myself. Then, my son Idrees started crying because he wanted me to wipe the snot from his nose. Next in line to cry was my daughter Madina…because she wanted some attention. ‘AND THIS IS ANOTHER REASON WHY I DON’T HOMESCHOOL MY CHILD’I thought to myself once again. Continue reading

DIY Natural Face Scrub


Due to my dry and sensitive skin, I find that almost all store bought face scrubs cause my skin some degree of irritation…and the products that don’t cause irritation don’t work effectively. However, after experimenting with natural ingredients found right in my pantry, I have found the perfect two ingredient DIY face scrub that works for me!

The face scrub that I use consists of one teaspoon of OLIVE OIL and a pinch of SUGAR. I find that the sugar gently removes my flakes while the olive oil is soothing and adds moisture to my skin. I mix the two ingredients in the palm of my hand and apply this scrub to my face with my fingertips. I gently scrub my face in a circular motion, concentrating on my dry patches. Because the under eye area is sensitive, I avoid using sugar under my eyes, and instead I tap on just the olive oil. I leave this mixture on my face for 5-10 minutes before rinsing my face with water and some cleanser.

After this at home face treatment, you will notice that your dry patches disappear, and you will have glowy soft skin that radiates!

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The Muslimah Mommy’s Tips For Mothers During Ramadan


As Muslimah mothers we all lead busy lives, thus making it difficult to take care of our children and to fulfill all of our Islamic duties; however, although it can be a challenge, it is certainly not impossible. What makes it possible to fulfill all of our duties is the assistance from the one and only Allah (Subḥānahu Wa Ta’Ala), for it is Allah (Subḥānahu Wa Ta’Ala) that gives us mothers Sabr (patience).

“And Your Lord said: Call on Me, I will answer you” Quran 40:60

“Remember Me, and I will remember you, give thanks to Me, and reject Me not” Quran 2:152

We have to keep in mind that we all are living different lives from one another under different circumstances. Some of us may be mom’s working full or part-time outside of the house, while some of us are stay at home mom’s taking care of young children or even children with special needs. The number of children we have and their ages vary, as do how much help we have from family and friends. For these very reasons, it is important to never compare yourself with others.

When I say we should never compare ourselves to others, I mean in every aspect; including our Ibadaat during Ramadan. For instance, just because you hear of a sister’s goal to complete the Quran twice during Ramadan, this doesn’t mean that you now have to do the same. Of course, doing so would benefit you and you will get rewarded immensely, however you have to consider your personal situation. Perhaps this sister has older children, or has extra help to take care of the household, while you may have young children with little or no help at all. Continue reading

Love Is Seeing Your Family Together In Prayer


(Edited on January 2015 for the ‘Love Is’ series)

Love is…seeing your family pray together.

Alhumdulillah for everything! Truly, love is observing your family together in prayer; not only do we all stand together as a family, but we do so in praying to the one and only Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala .

Ramadan Mubaruk


Ramadan Mubaruk From My Family To Yours

This Ramadan….

May you read the Quran not just with your eyes, but with your heart and soul
May you avoid sin not just for one month, but change your lifestyle forever
May you not just starve yourself, but feel the hunger of the needy and poor
May you open your Iftar with not just a hungry mouth, but with a grateful one

May this be your best Ramadan yet!

Sumaira Z, The Muslimah Mommy

Ramadan Videos For Children


Ramadan is a time of no T.V. for our family; instead, we learn more about Islam, and this includes getting our children involved in the learning process as well.

I have created a public playlist on YouTube for children in regards to Ramadan, and there are also other playlists for children as well as for adults.

Please take a look and watch these vidoes together as a family.

Here’s the link to my YouTube Channel:



Ramadan With Children


I have to admit, I was quite nervous about last Ramadan; I kept thinking, ‘how am I going to fast an entire day with three small children?’ The more I thought about it, the more I stressed myself out! But then, I decided to change things up that year. I made the decision to not attend any Iftar’s; which was a first because every year I either go to the Mosque, or to a family member’s house for Iftar. The deciding factor was the timing of Iftar – 10pm! Yes, at 10 pm I would rather have the kids in bed while I peacefully open my fast, instead of having my children cry at a family member’s house due to fatigue and being in an unfamiliar environment! Continue reading

Learning to Love Salaat


(Edited on January 2015 for the ‘Love Is’ series)

Love is…seeing your children pray, not because they were forced to, but because they wanted to.

While my 6 year old daughter has always loved praying Salaah, my younger daughter (3years old) doesn’t seem very interested in Salaah. In fact, she will just put on her hijab, stand on the mat for 5 seconds, and then run around the room. It’s not much longer until she has taken her hijab off and is in the living room playing with her toys. Continue reading