Eid Giveaway with Hafsa Creates – Eid Card Making Kit


Exciting Joint Giveaway with Hafsa Creates for Canada and U.S followers on Instagram! The winner will win this adorable Eid card making kit that includes 5 blank cards, 5 envelopes, pretty ribbon, ‘Eid Mubaruk’ tags, and over 30 shapes, stickers, and cut outs! Here are the rules for entering this giveaway:
1. You must be following both @themuslimahmommy and @hafsacreates
2. Share THIS giveaway picture and tag both of us using the tag button on Instagram.

Organizing Your Child’s Closet


With back to school season starting here in Canada, I’m finding myself running around trying to get things done all the while trying to stay organized….and it’s proving to be quite the difficult task with three young kids around me. Nonetheless, I have managed to get some things checked off my ever growing list; one of those tasks being to organize my daughter’s closet.

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Fruit Plate Of Love


My children and I made these fruit plates a while back – We loved putting these together because they were not only yummy and fun to make, but we made them with LOVE.

Fruit plates are a great way to teach your children about a topic you want them to learn about! While my kids and I put together these plates, we discussed what ‘love’ means to them, and how we can express our love through actions of respect and through words of kindness.

You can make a fruit plate with your children by choosing any theme, such as peace, equality, human rights, etc….Not only is this an activity where your children will learn about a certain concept, but it’s also a great bonding experience!

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DIY Natural Face Scrub


Due to my dry and sensitive skin, I find that almost all store bought face scrubs cause my skin some degree of irritation…and the products that don’t cause irritation don’t work effectively. However, after experimenting with natural ingredients found right in my pantry, I have found the perfect two ingredient DIY face scrub that works for me!

The face scrub that I use consists of one teaspoon of OLIVE OIL and a pinch of SUGAR. I find that the sugar gently removes my flakes while the olive oil is soothing and adds moisture to my skin. I mix the two ingredients in the palm of my hand and apply this scrub to my face with my fingertips. I gently scrub my face in a circular motion, concentrating on my dry patches. Because the under eye area is sensitive, I avoid using sugar under my eyes, and instead I tap on just the olive oil. I leave this mixture on my face for 5-10 minutes before rinsing my face with water and some cleanser.

After this at home face treatment, you will notice that your dry patches disappear, and you will have glowy soft skin that radiates!

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99 Names Of Allah Flowers In A Pot – DIY


I wanted to teach my daughter the 99 names of Allah in a fun and creative way, and turning this learning activity into a crafting session was definitely fun! My daughter and I decided to go for a flower in the pot because A. She loves plants and B. It was easy and quick and C. Because this way she can take out a flower, learn the names, put it back into the flower pot, and then choose another flower! Win – Win – Win!

We plan on choosing a flower from the pot and learning the names and the meaning of the names from one petal each week. Since there are about 4-5 names on each petal, this seems like a realistic approach.

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DIY Felt Puppets, Dolls, and Prayer Mat



When my 6 year old daughter asked me if I would help her make a doll and prayer mat, I instantly agreed. I remember being a little girl and wanting to make a doll myself; for there is something to be said about the sentiment of homemade dolls. As I was stitching my daughter’s doll, she was anxiously standing by my side in anticipation; little did she know, I was just as excited!

I decided to make the dolls out of felt sheets that I found for $0.40 each, making them cost effective and forgiving if I were to make a mistake during the process. For the detailing, I used some fabric from an old dress I had, and some of my daughter’s hair clips. If left unstuffed with the bottom unstitched, these dolls can serve as puppets that slip onto your hands. To turn the puppets into dolls, simply stuff them and stitch the bottom – I just used some left over felt scraps to stuff the dolls. I left the dolls faceless, but you can add a face by either using buttons, or drawing the face on with a marker. In the end, both my kids and I were pleased with the results.

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A Rolling Pin: How It Helps During Pregnancy


Yes, you read it right! Believe it or not, a ROLLING PIN is very useful during pregnancy! And no, I would not recommend using a rolling pin to smack people because they asked you if you were having twins…however if they ask if you’re having triplets you may want to consider it…anyways, here’s my use for a rolling pin during pregnancy: Continue reading