The Exhausting Role Of A Parent


Being a parent can be quite exhausting at times. For instance, I remember the days when my oldest daughter was a newborn, and she would cry for hours and hours throughout the night. Later on, we would find out that every time I either nursed her, or gave her formula it was burning her stomach- yes, she was lactose intolerant and I didn’t find out a month later despite making numerous trips to the doctor’s office.

I was also drained of my energy during the days and nights I would rock my then 14 month old son in his infant rocker when he was suffering from separation anxiety disorder. Even today, I find myself completely fatigued physically while trying to accomplish the daily tasks of a parent: preparing meals and snacks throughout the day, getting the housework done, running back and forth to the washroom when potty training your child, going grocery shopping with three small children, etc. Continue reading