3 Children With 3 Very Different Sleeping Patterns

Upon first glance, you can easily observe the similarities between my three children: they are all petite with small heads and big eyes…as funny as it sounds, it’s true! However, their personalities differ from one another, as does everything else including their sleeping patterns! Down below are each of my children’s sleeping patterns in addition to tips to help your little one sleep. Continue reading

My (Un) Planned Pregnancy Pt.1


When I first found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was in shock! My husband and I were not ready to become parents at all, for we were still in the process of pursuing our own goals and dreams. While my husband was trying to find a steady career he was passionate about, I was a college student with half of my degree yet to complete…we were both in trouble! My troubles didn’t stop there: my husband and I were living with my parents in a house with 10 other people including my 5 sisters, my brother and his wife along with their son, and oh yeah, she was also expecting her second child! In a house full of people and in a body full of stress, I PANICKED! This was not a part of our plan- we were supposed to be full-time working people, and moved into our own house before even thinking about having children!!! Continue reading

Oh, Those Terrible Two’s!


As a parent of more than one child, I can truly say that every child is different. For instance, both of my daughters started their tantrums at different ages, and for very different reasons.
Before I get into the details of when and why my children started their tantrums, and how I dealt with those tantrums, it is important to keep in mind these three key points : Continue reading