DIY Felt Puppets, Dolls, and Prayer Mat



When my 6 year old daughter asked me if I would help her make a doll and prayer mat, I instantly agreed. I remember being a little girl and wanting to make a doll myself; for there is something to be said about the sentiment of homemade dolls. As I was stitching my daughter’s doll, she was anxiously standing by my side in anticipation; little did she know, I was just as excited!

I decided to make the dolls out of felt sheets that I found for $0.40 each, making them cost effective and forgiving if I were to make a mistake during the process. For the detailing, I used some fabric from an old dress I had, and some of my daughter’s hair clips. If left unstuffed with the bottom unstitched, these dolls can serve as puppets that slip onto your hands. To turn the puppets into dolls, simply stuff them and stitch the bottom – I just used some left over felt scraps to stuff the dolls. I left the dolls faceless, but you can add a face by either using buttons, or drawing the face on with a marker. In the end, both my kids and I were pleased with the results.

Here are the pictures of our doll making process Continue reading