Parent Wars! (Plus, tips on how to avoid getting into one)

What’s a PARENT WAR?
Too often, I see parents criticizing each other on social media; so much so, that it breaks my heart! Will you believe that there are actually parent wars out there? There are- I’ve witnessed them! It’s like one group of people are trying so hard to convince others that their method of parenting, or their choices in life, are the RIGHT ones…I know, it’s quite sad. Why do we have to convince others of the choices we’ve made in life when it’s a decision that is benefiting our families and not others?

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And This Is Why I Don’t Homeschool My Child…


The other day, my oldest daughter, Hafsah, requested that I trim her nails for her, as her nails were getting quite long. I happily agreed and started searching for the nail cutter in the washroom. I checked the usual spot – in the drawer…nope, not there. I checked the other drawer…nope, not there either. Suddenly, Hafsah started bawling her eyes out, and through her tears she cried, “You don’t like the way I organize things!” Ummm…ohhhkaaaay? I was confused. “I organized the washroom for you, but you can’t find the nail cutter now; which means you don’t like the way I organize things, NOW I’m never going to organize anything ever again!” Hafsah exclaimed. ‘AND THIS IS WHY I DON’T HOMESCHOOL MY CHILD!’ I thought to myself. Then, my son Idrees started crying because he wanted me to wipe the snot from his nose. Next in line to cry was my daughter Madina…because she wanted some attention. ‘AND THIS IS ANOTHER REASON WHY I DON’T HOMESCHOOL MY CHILD’I thought to myself once again. Continue reading