New Opportunities


It’s so important to evaluate your life; don’t wait for a special day, the next month, or the new year- do it now! Pause and just think: Where am I? Do I like it here? Or is there something better out there for me?

Almost four years ago, I felt like I knew where my life was headed, and I thought I was happy. But I wasn’t. Continue reading


With A Smile On Your Face, And Content In Your Heart


It’s never too late to start living the life you want – the life that is better for you – the life that you deserve! Sometimes, all it takes is a change in scenery and a fresh new view. Continue reading

The Sweetness Of Life


(Edited on January 2015 for the ‘Love Is’ series)

Love is…finding the sweetness in your life.

Sometimes, the sweetness of this life doesn’t come in obvious forms. We think we will taste the sweetness once we become rich with money, or if we drive fancy cars and have 100’s of friends. On the contrary – sweetness has nothing to do with money or fame.

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Pause, Think, & Run


It’s never too late to change! The most successful people have been at the most deepest levels, but they climbed their way up to where they are today! If you are headed in the wrong direction, pause, think, and then run the other way! Happiness and content will both be waiting for you! It’s not too late, it never is! © The Muslimah Mommy (2014)
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Our Mistakes Are Our Lessons


Hafsah came home from school one day and told me something that left me speechless! She told me that her teacher had taught her grade one class that their mistakes were lessons in life. Instantly, I knew she was in good hands at school! Continue reading