The Sweetness Of Life


(Edited on January 2015 for the ‘Love Is’ series)

Love is…finding the sweetness in your life.

Sometimes, the sweetness of this life doesn’t come in obvious forms. We think we will taste the sweetness once we become rich with money, or if we drive fancy cars and have 100’s of friends. On the contrary – sweetness has nothing to do with money or fame.

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My Ramadan Journal – Puppet Shows & Murder

Journal Entry 1
It is the night before Ramadan. Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting with my three children, and we discussed the importance and the blessing of the holy month that was going to start in the next few hours. In the middle of our discussion, my 3 year old daughter spoke up and exclaimed, “I want to go to Ramadan too mama, can you take me there?” Smiling from my heart, I explained to her that Ramadan is not a place we can go to, but it is a month in which there are many blessings. Obviously, I didn’t do a good job explaining because her next question was, ” Okay then, can I have a Ramadan, I really want it!” 
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99 Names Of Allah Flowers In A Pot – DIY


I wanted to teach my daughter the 99 names of Allah in a fun and creative way, and turning this learning activity into a crafting session was definitely fun! My daughter and I decided to go for a flower in the pot because A. She loves plants and B. It was easy and quick and C. Because this way she can take out a flower, learn the names, put it back into the flower pot, and then choose another flower! Win – Win – Win!

We plan on choosing a flower from the pot and learning the names and the meaning of the names from one petal each week. Since there are about 4-5 names on each petal, this seems like a realistic approach.

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There’s prayer, and then there’s PRAYER

Pray with all your heart, pray with sincerity, pray until your tears fall, pray until you find peace, pray because you need to, pray because you are able to, pray for your heart, pray for your soul, pray for your family, pray for the Ummah, pray because HE hears you – Just PRAY. ©THEMUSLIMAHMOMMY (2014) Protected by Copyscape Unique Content Checker