Listening to your children talk about Jannah

Love is…listening to your children talk about Jannah

Yesterday, my children and I had a beautiful discussion about Jannah. We talked about how our good deeds in this world will help us to get into Jannah, Insha’Allah. I then asked each child what they would like to have in Jannah, and here’s what they said: Continue reading

Global Sisterhood


Alhumdulillah, I’am blessed to have five younger sisters that I love with all my heart! As this picture depicts, we are so different in terms of appearance, and we all interpret modesty in different ways. Some of us wear a hijab, while one of my sister’s chooses not to, and another chooses to wear a Niqab ma shaa Allah! However, despite our differences, we accept and love one another! Continue reading

My Princess In Jannah


Last year, Hafsah had learnt about Disneyland through one of her school friends. She was excited over the fact that there were princess there and big castles. It was the most magical place ever, so she had heard. When she asked me when we would go, I just smiled at her. Next, I told her about Jannah. I told her that the hijab she wears now will be replaced with the most beautiful crown in Jannah. I told her that the castles in Disneyland are nothing in comparison to the castles in Jannah. I told her that while there are princesses in Disneyland, SHE would become a princess herself. Her eyes widened and filled with joy when I informed her that whatever she wishes for in Jannah will come true. Continue reading