Allah gives, takes, and guides.


Love is…knowing that Allah gives, takes, and guides.

Yesterday was one of THOSE days, where in the evening I couldn’t stop thinking about the events of the day- where, instead of sleeping, my heart was overflowing with so much emotion… Continue reading

If It Is Written For You, It Will Happen


The other day, I went to pick up my daughter from school and parked my car along the street. As I was getting my son out of his car seat, I noticed a sister sitting on her porch reading a book while watching her two children play. We made eye contact and exchanged our greetings. Then, she told me that she ordered a translation of the Quran for one of her friends, and ended up receiving two translations instead of one- that was the book she was skimming through upon my arrival. She asked me if I wanted a copy for free, as she already knew arabic and did not need a translation. Continue reading