Love Is Holding Your Child’s Hand


Love is…holding your child’s hand through life

As those tiny fingers grasp your hand, know that with each grasp comes trust. Not only are you holding your children’s hands, but you are carrying their hearts- to them, your hand is a symbol of trust, love, and everlasting support. Continue reading



I have two young daughters that I try my best to keep on the right path. I know, as they get older, they will hear phrases such as, “you’re not pretty enough,” “you’re not smart enough,” etc, but it’s my duty to tell them that as long as they have faith, they have everything they need to make it through this temporary life, and to live happily ever after in the permanent life, the hereafter. Continue reading

My Mid-Life Crisis?


So, the other day, I went shopping and came home with an unexpected item: a (vegan) leather spiked vest. Yup. Me. The woman with three kids, approaching her 30’s…the woman who usually wears this: Continue reading

The Story Of My Father

I find it quite interesting how we wait until people leave this earth before we talk about the good they did in this life…or we wait until it’s a special day to tell them, or our friends on social media, how wonderful they are. Well, today it’s not Father’s Day, and it’s not my father’s birthday; it’s just a day where I feel compelled to share with you all the story of my father.

Since starting my blog in May 2014, you will notice that I have never spoken about my parents before, I do this out of respect for their privacy. However, I feel like my father’s childhood is one that I have to share with you all, for it’s a story that always leaves me emotional. Continue reading

The 2nd Annual Muslimah Fashion Show & Bazaar


The 2nd Annual Muslimah Fashion Show & Bazaar was held on Sunday, Ocotber 26 at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton, Alberta. I attended this event in support of my friend, Mona Ismaeil, as her collection of hijabs  from her shop, Modern Hejab, were showcased on the runway at the event.

I also attended this show as a blogger, and had the great opportunity of networking with some inspiring Muslimahs! Continue reading

Mr. Or Ms. Monster?


Who were your best teachers in elementary school? Thinking of both my grade 2&3 (I had the same teacher for both grades) and grade 4 teachers makes me smile from my heart, as they were the best teachers ever! They both raised my self esteem immensely, which I needed because I was an insecure and extremely shy student. In addition, these teachers made sure my opinion was heard within the classroom, even though I was reluctant to voice my opinion myself. Furthermore, they both went the extra mile to make sure all the students were happy, comfortable and safe!

My (Un) Planned Pregnancy Pt.3


Part 1:

Part 2:

Within no time, the nurse arrived by my bedside and held my hand. With every contraction I felt extreme pain and fear – this was by far my most scariest moment in life!

Suddenly, out of no where, the nurse started humming in an effort to distract me from my pains, she even picked up a magazine from my bedside table and started reading it, “oh, would you look at this, this looks like a good recipe,” she said a couple of pages into the magazine. After she put down the magazine a minute later, I got another contraction; this time she told me to practice my breathing exercises I had learned in prenatal class. PRENATAL CLASS? WHAT prenatal class?? The one I was scheduled to have next week, but I couldn’t go to because I’m in the hospital HAVING A BABY??? Yup, THAT prenatal class. As soon as I told her I didn’t have a chance to attend my prenatal class, she taught me the breathing exercises, and we did them together until my husband and mom arrived shortly after. Continue reading

My Lunch Date


Guess who my lunch date was today? This beautiful baby boy, Masha’Allah ❤ With both of my daughters at school, I get to spend more one-on-one time with my son and I'M LOVIN IT ❤ #Alhumdulillah #Blessed © The Muslimah Mommy (2014)
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Back To School Jitters


Mentally, I was trying to prepare myself for my second daughter’s first day of preschool. With my oldest daughter, Hafsah, the transition to preschool was a smooth one, for she had been to daycare since the age of two. Hafsah loved daycare so much, she even asked if I could take her to daycare on the weekends – when it was closed. So, for her, going to preschool was something she looked forward to, and therefore her first day was no big deal!

However, with my second child, Madina, things were different. Continue reading