My (Un) Planned Pregnancy Pt.1


When I first found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was in shock! My husband and I were not ready to become parents at all, for we were still in the process of pursuing our own goals and dreams. While my husband was trying to find a steady career he was passionate about, I was a college student with half of my degree yet to complete…we were both in trouble! My troubles didn’t stop there: my husband and I were living with my parents in a house with 10 other people including my 5 sisters, my brother and his wife along with their son, and oh yeah, she was also expecting her second child! In a house full of people and in a body full of stress, I PANICKED! This was not a part of our plan- we were supposed to be full-time working people, and moved into our own house before even thinking about having children!!! Continue reading