Ibraheem Toy House- Guest Post

Check out my article on how to encourage children to love the Quran over at Ibraheem Toy House: http://ibraheemtoyhouse.com/blog/2015/02/09/encouraging-your-children-to-love-the-quran-by-the-muslimah-mommy/

Ibraheem Toy House is the UK’s first online Islamic toy store; their mission Continue reading

Daughters In Islam


“Islam calls for material and emotional justice and fair treatment from both parents to their children, regardless of their sexes. A male child is not to be given special preference over a female child, or vice versa. The Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon Him) said to one of his companions who had given a present to only one of his children: Continue reading

Amongst all the PAIN and SUFFERING…

Amongst all the pain and suffering that is currently taking place in this world, we must not lose sight of what’s taking place in our own homes and communities. Don’t forget your children need you! This is a reminder to myself first, as I have not been giving my children enough attention during this last week. Continue reading