Your sibling as your best friend


Love is…having your sibling as your best friend

These two. One second they’re fighting over a toy, and the next second he’s her ‘sweety.’ Continue reading

The Countdown To Bedtime & Wakeup Time


Today was one of those days when you start doing the countdown to bedtime as soon as your children wake up in the morning. I felt exhausted by 9:00 AM and I had only been awake for an hour with the kids. My gut was telling me it was going to long day, and was it ever! Continue reading

My Summer Wedding Adventures


I can’t believe summer is almost to an end here in Canada. I feel like it went by so fast, does anyone else feel the same way? Alhumdulillah it’s been a great summer thus far: it started with Ramadan, and then right after Ramadan there was my sister’s wedding, then an engagement I had to go to, followed by another wedding. By the way, I never did give you all an update on how the weddings went…As you know, I was quite nervous attending a wedding with three small children…and…well…let’s just says there were a few surprises! Continue reading

Dressing Up Is Fun!


I had a request from a lovely sister to discuss Halloween and Islam.

The main reason why Muslims don’t celebrate Halloween is because this holiday is based on ancient pagan culture and therefore is shirk. With that said, it can be difficult explaining to your children that we cannot celebrate Halloween because they perceive it as fun! Yes, it is fun to dress up and eat candy- I totally agree with that! Continue reading

Lu’Lu’ Bag Review


In this picture, I’am wearing my Lu’Lu’ Bag hijab and handchain. You can find Lu’Lu’Bag at or on Instagram @lulu_bag. Here’s my review:

Everything from the customer service to the products themselves are AMAZING! Sister Nina (owner of Lu’Lu’ Bag) has a heart of gold, she is so sweet, caring, and professional! Her products are absolutely stunning! The hijabs I recieved are PERFECT for summer, as they are light weight and they are maxi hijabs- so yes, they provide full coverage! The handchains are just gorgeous and of high quality! Please go follow and support my beautiful sister!

Here’s the description from Lu’Lu’ Bag’s website: “Lu’Lu’ Bag is a subscription box with a difference. It comes in a shape of a giftbag with a scarf and accessories to match. It is mainly geared towards the ladies who use scarves daily and would appreciate a new selection every month. The scarf always comes with two to three other pieces, such as jewellery, pins, underscarves and even pincushions. A range of subscriptions are available, as well as the option to buy the Lu’Lu’ Bag once or whenever you feel like.”