Expert Insight With Chereen, Psychotherapist


I’am honoured to have Chereen as my first guest on The Muslimah Mommy. Chereen is a ‘Psychotherapist that likes to write, give advice, and a life coach.”

In this post, Chereen discusses her background on how she became a Psychotherapist and what motivated her to pursue a career in Counselling; she also shares her experience with autistic children, and gives us advice and tips on what we can do to raise confident children.

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Organizing Your Child’s Closet


With back to school season starting here in Canada, I’m finding myself running around trying to get things done all the while trying to stay organized….and it’s proving to be quite the difficult task with three young kids around me. Nonetheless, I have managed to get some things checked off my ever growing list; one of those tasks being to organize my daughter’s closet.

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Potty Training And…Constipation!


They say no two children are the same, and after having three children, I can say that I completely agree with that! For instance, when it came to potty training, Hafsah was fully trained at the age of two, and we went through the usual process with her that consisted of no pull-ups, putting her on the toilet every two hours, etc. Madina, on the other hand, wasn’t potty trained until the age of three! You would think that because she is my second child, and that she has Hafsah as a role model, she would be potty trained quicker…..nope! We had some issues with Madina that we never experienced with Hafsah, and this delayed things by a full year! Continue reading

My Potty Training Tips


To get started, you may want to get your children familiar with the concept of potty training by reading them a book about potty training. This way, they know what to expect, and they will know that this is the next phase in their lives. Try selecting a
book that has illustrations of a child going to the potty, this way they will have a visual reference. Continue reading

I Lied To My Therapist – Postpartum Depression & The Baby Blues


As I held my newborn daughter in my arms, I realized my life was exactly as I envisioned it to be – it was perfect! I was healthy, I had a supportive husband, amazing family and friends, living in a beautiful home, and a promising career ahead of me. But most importantly, I had just given my 4 year old daughter a healthy baby sister. In other words, you can say that I was living in a moment of content. A very short moment. I’m not sure when it all happened, but it seemed like things changed instantly- and drastically.

The symptoms:
Suddenly, I had lost my appetite and this led to me starving myself for days. The only way I could fall asleep was by crying. In fact, I cried so much every night that my pillow became drenched in tears and my depressed eyes became swollen. Then, there was that urge to run away from everything and everyone; I just needed to escape from this world that I was drowning in. The thought of killing myself was a constant. The worst part was the immense guilt I felt for feeling this way. How dare I feel this way?! I had everything I ever wanted in life, that most people only dream of having! I had a family to take care of; it was selfish for me to leave them when they needed me! But, despite convincing myself that I had it all, I still felt as if I had nothing. I just couldn’t fight this void feeling; however, I did try to conceal it. I put a huge amount of effort into hiding these feelings from my friends and family, and even my husband. In front of them, I had to remind myself to slap on a fake smile, afterall, I didn’t want to be judged. It was bad enough I was judging myself, I didn’t need another person informing me that it was selfish to feel this way. Continue reading

A Rolling Pin: How It Helps During Pregnancy


Yes, you read it right! Believe it or not, a ROLLING PIN is very useful during pregnancy! And no, I would not recommend using a rolling pin to smack people because they asked you if you were having twins…however if they ask if you’re having triplets you may want to consider it…anyways, here’s my use for a rolling pin during pregnancy: Continue reading

How I Dealt With My Baby’s Cradle Cap


My first-born had a severe case of cradle cap, in fact it got so bad she ended up getting bleeding scabs throughout her head. When I took my daughter to the doctor, he was speechless. He said he had never seen a case of cradle cap get this bad. My heart sunk. I felt like the WORST mother out there. I thought cradle cap was normal and that it would eventually disappear on its own. Sitting at the doctor’s office, all I could think to myself was ‘why did I let it get so bad?’ Continue reading