Back To School Madness & A Dentist Trip


So, how was the first week of school for your children – and for you? I’ve talked about my experiences in previous posts, but I didn’t mention what exactly happened on the first day of school. Below is a description of how our first week of school went:
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My Lunch Date


Guess who my lunch date was today? This beautiful baby boy, Masha’Allah ❤ With both of my daughters at school, I get to spend more one-on-one time with my son and I'M LOVIN IT ❤ #Alhumdulillah #Blessed © The Muslimah Mommy (2014)
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Back To School Jitters


Mentally, I was trying to prepare myself for my second daughter’s first day of preschool. With my oldest daughter, Hafsah, the transition to preschool was a smooth one, for she had been to daycare since the age of two. Hafsah loved daycare so much, she even asked if I could take her to daycare on the weekends – when it was closed. So, for her, going to preschool was something she looked forward to, and therefore her first day was no big deal!

However, with my second child, Madina, things were different. Continue reading

Learning to Love Salaat


(Edited on January 2015 for the ‘Love Is’ series)

Love is…seeing your children pray, not because they were forced to, but because they wanted to.

While my 6 year old daughter has always loved praying Salaah, my younger daughter (3years old) doesn’t seem very interested in Salaah. In fact, she will just put on her hijab, stand on the mat for 5 seconds, and then run around the room. It’s not much longer until she has taken her hijab off and is in the living room playing with her toys. Continue reading

Toddler Talk – “I’m afraid of grandmas because they might eat me for a snack.”


My three year old, Madina, has always been a very friendly, outgoing, and quirky child! Below are just some of the funny things she has said!

A few months ago, Madina fell down and got a huge bump on her lip! Through her tears, she asked if I could take her to see the doctor’s and if I could give her medicine right away. I told her that I would take her to the doctor’s if the swelling on her lip didn’t go down, and for now we would just put ice on her lips. A few hours later, she was feeling much better, and requested to go to the library. I agreed to take her and instructed her to put her shoes on. She then asked, “mama, can I take my bump with me?” Yes, she was referring to the bump on her lip! Continue reading

I’m So Awesome That…I Have A Stalker!


I’m so awesome that I have a stalker! This stalker follows me everywhere, and doesn’t leave my side. He knows where I’am at every time of day, and to say that he is obsessed with me would be an understatement. And guess what? I wouldn’t have it any other way because this stalker is my very own handsome baby boy!

Now, some people might accuse my son of being too ‘attached’ and ‘clingy,’ but these people don’t realize that this behaviour has nothing to do with him; and that it has everything to do with me and my AWESOMENESS! Continue reading

Potty Training And…Constipation!


They say no two children are the same, and after having three children, I can say that I completely agree with that! For instance, when it came to potty training, Hafsah was fully trained at the age of two, and we went through the usual process with her that consisted of no pull-ups, putting her on the toilet every two hours, etc. Madina, on the other hand, wasn’t potty trained until the age of three! You would think that because she is my second child, and that she has Hafsah as a role model, she would be potty trained quicker…..nope! We had some issues with Madina that we never experienced with Hafsah, and this delayed things by a full year! Continue reading

My Potty Training Tips


To get started, you may want to get your children familiar with the concept of potty training by reading them a book about potty training. This way, they know what to expect, and they will know that this is the next phase in their lives. Try selecting a
book that has illustrations of a child going to the potty, this way they will have a visual reference. Continue reading

The Moment You Realize Your Baby Is Becoming A Toddler


The other day, as I was washing the dishes, my 22 month old baby came up to me and asked for an apple that was on the countertop. I politely told him I would get it for him once I was done washing the dishes. Of course, that answer did not satisfy him, and he decided to take matters into his own teeny tiny hands. He headed towards the pantry and picked up the small stool, and placed it by the counter where the apple was on. He then climbed onto the stool, grabbed the apple, and proceeded to eat it! Continue reading