The Hijabi Student In Canada – Racism

The Hijabi Student In Canada – Racism

When my daughter decided to wear the hijab to kindergarten a couple of years ago, I felt nervous for her. I didn’t start wearing the hijab until I was in College, and although I never had a negative experience as a ‘Hijabi’ student, I was afraid my daughter would. Unfortunately, I was right. At her previous school, on more than one occasion, we were bluntly ignored by the principal, and I’m positive it was because we were MUSLIM. Continue reading

Bye Bye Headaches


I’m that type of person that if I skip a meal or don’t get enough sleep, I will end up with a major headache that will last between 24-48 hours! However, once the holy month of Ramadan arrives, my headaches just disappear, Subhan’Allah! It really is amazing how I have never experienced a headache in Ramadan, Alhumdulillah!

Despite the fact that my sleeping hours decrease drastically, and my consumption of food reduces significantly, my body has never felt the symptoms that I otherwise would in any other month besides Ramadan.

Subhan’Allah, Allah SWT makes fasting easy for us all!

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My Love For Children


As much as I want to say that my love for children started when I became a mother, it didn’t…

I remember being a young child and my mom asking me if I wanted to go to my aunt’s house. I would tell her ‘no’ because I had too much homework to do that day, or an exam to study for. However, as soon my mom would mention that there would be so-and-so’s baby there, I would grab my homework and study notes and tell her that I will do my homework and study at my aunt’s house. I would spend most of my time carrying and playing with the baby and the rest of the time doing my homework or studying!

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Learning to Love Salaat


(Edited on January 2015 for the ‘Love Is’ series)

Love is…seeing your children pray, not because they were forced to, but because they wanted to.

While my 6 year old daughter has always loved praying Salaah, my younger daughter (3years old) doesn’t seem very interested in Salaah. In fact, she will just put on her hijab, stand on the mat for 5 seconds, and then run around the room. It’s not much longer until she has taken her hijab off and is in the living room playing with her toys. Continue reading

Our Mistakes Are Our Lessons


Hafsah came home from school one day and told me something that left me speechless! She told me that her teacher had taught her grade one class that their mistakes were lessons in life. Instantly, I knew she was in good hands at school! Continue reading

Global Sisterhood


Alhumdulillah, I’am blessed to have five younger sisters that I love with all my heart! As this picture depicts, we are so different in terms of appearance, and we all interpret modesty in different ways. Some of us wear a hijab, while one of my sister’s chooses not to, and another chooses to wear a Niqab ma shaa Allah! However, despite our differences, we accept and love one another! Continue reading

The Exhausting Role Of A Parent


Being a parent can be quite exhausting at times. For instance, I remember the days when my oldest daughter was a newborn, and she would cry for hours and hours throughout the night. Later on, we would find out that every time I either nursed her, or gave her formula it was burning her stomach- yes, she was lactose intolerant and I didn’t find out a month later despite making numerous trips to the doctor’s office.

I was also drained of my energy during the days and nights I would rock my then 14 month old son in his infant rocker when he was suffering from separation anxiety disorder. Even today, I find myself completely fatigued physically while trying to accomplish the daily tasks of a parent: preparing meals and snacks throughout the day, getting the housework done, running back and forth to the washroom when potty training your child, going grocery shopping with three small children, etc. Continue reading